Thursday, November 17, 2011

Web genres and final presentations

Please be sure that your web genres page is linked from the main page and that it has your comments on it. The wiki is here:

The final presentations schedule is here: Please check the date so that you know when your presentation is scheduled.

If you are planning to use PowerPoint (you don't have to), you can upload it to a site such as or bring your own computer. If you want to send it to me 24 hours in advance by email, I can load it onto my computer.

Time your presentation carefully: no more than 5 minutes.

Also, if you haven't yet signed up, please email me as soon as possible for one of the available slots. You must sign up for a slot in order to be able to present your final project, and the presentation is 5% of that project grade.

Except for the first day (11/29), you will NOT be able to just come to class and present on one of the days, since the presentations are scheduled so tightly. You must sign up for a time. If you don't sign up, you can't present and will receive a 0 for that part of your grade.

Optional Paper 3 is due by 9 p.m. this evening in Angel.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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