Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Today's brainstormed list on poetry; class on Thursday

On Thursday, we'll have the workshop for paper 2; bring a typed draft of your paper.  I will be posting a list of bibliographic citations for the short stories and poems we read that were not in your book.

We'll begin by hearing from the groups that didn't get a chance to present today:
  • "The Snowman" (Elizabeth's group)
  • "Desert Places" (Jonathan's group)
  • "The Gift Outright" (Stephen's group)
The lecture material from today is in Angel; you can also click on Poetry Terms (sidebar) to see the terms we discussed. Here is the list of items to consider in reading poetry that you created in class today:

  1. Rhyme scheme, if there is one.  If not, why not? What is the form of the poem?
  2. Comparisons.  What’s being compared to what else?  What’s the effect? Metaphors? Similes?
  3. Meter, if there is any.  What’s the effect?
  4. Sound devices: alliteration, assonance. What’s the effect?
  5. Tone.  How word use affects the tone or atmosphere of the poem as you read it.  
  6. Punctuation and spacing. Is there a pattern? Is this free verse?  Choices?
  7. Allusions or references to other works. 
  8. Title and its significance.
  9. Figurative language. Imagery.  What are the images? What do they evoke? What do they mean?
  10. Characters.  Who is the speaker?  To whom is he or she speaking?  What’s the situation?
  11. Point of view.  From what perspective is this poem being narrated?
  12. Narrative, if it has one.  Is there a story being told? Is the story an old one?
  13. Parallelism and repetition.  What is repeated or parallel??  What is the effect

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